What you will learn

We will explore the wonderful world of watercolour washes.

  • Start at the beginning

    We will start with the basics of how to dilute your paint and how thick the paint should be for every kind of wash. You will then move on to the most basic washes and it's in this section that you gain control over all the wetness.

  • We add onto our basic skills

    Once you mastered the basics, I will show you how to add to these plain washes and show you how to create watercolour effect that will make your basic washes more exciting. There are many templates included in the course material for you to practice on.

  • Bonus material

    As a bonus section, I've included two demonstrations on how to add specific shapes to background washes. I will explain to you how and where we normally use this technique.

Course curriculum

  1. 3
    • Diluting Your Paints

  2. 4
    • Creamy vs. Streaky paint

  3. 5
    • Stretching your paper onto a wooden board

  4. 6
    • Your most basic washes

  5. 7
    • Preparing for Blooms and Templates

    • Introducing Blooms and Technical

    • Positive Blooms Demonstration (Landscape)

    • Positive Blooms Technical (Painting Bushes)

    • Negative Blooms Demonstration

    • Bonus Lesson - Making Shapes In Your Washes

  6. 8
    • A few last words....